Do You Need Help With QuickBooks® Accounting Software in Puyallup or Tacoma, WA?


When you partner with Bell & Bell, you feel will confident in their expertise on how to teach you to use QuickBooks®.

Training Seminars:

Allow a CPA/QuickBooks Pro Advisor to train you and/or your staff in QuickBooks techniques that will allow you to cut down on transactional errors and produce accurate management reports that you can rely on to make financial decisions.

The following seminars are available –click here for details:

  • QuickBooks for Beginners – highly recommended for all current users who have not had formal training.
  • QuickBooks Intermediate
  • QuickBooks for Contractors
  • QuickBooks for Non-Profits
  • How to Use QuickBooks Efficiently
  • Understanding Financial Statements
Data File Analysis:
A streamlined service that allows us to analyze your existing QuickBooks file at a reasonable price. The purpose of the analysis is to look for the most common data entry errors and determine the extent of the maintenance required. A final report is issued to the business owner upon completion.
Data File Setup:
It is highly recommended that a QuickBooks professional perform the initial setup. It is very important to provide the proper foundation for one’s in-house bookkeeping department and to customize the books for your industry. Call us for information concerning costs and services provided.
Payroll Setup:
Again, if you are going to provide payroll services within your organization, it is important that you employ a QuickBooks professional to set it up. Call us for information concerning costs and services provided.
Data File Repair Services:
Due to item based reports it is extremely important to repair QB data at the transaction level. Not doing so will cause discrepancies between management reports and the company’s financial statements, not to mention sales tax tracking and inventory valuation. Often the cost of repairing data will be greater than setting it up from scratch. So unless you need historical and/or comparative data, it is usually best to create a new file. Our data file analysis can help you make this determination.
On Site Training:
Personalized training provided by Bell & Bell, which takes place at your business site. This is probably more effective than a seminar if a company has more than 2 QB users. Additionally, you would benefit from hands-oll instruction tailored to your needs.
Quarterly Analysis Engagement:
This is designed to catch processing or setup errors periodically, to ensure the accuracy of management reports.
Telephone Support:
We offer several pre-paid telephone support plans, each containing a number of hours of available support time. A plan can be setup “per incident” or “annually”. The “annual” plan would have a lower overall fee.
Purchase QuickBooks:
We can purchase QuickBooks software for you at a significantly reduced price. Contact us for additional information. Also you can purchase checks at a lower cost.